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The last time I listed my occupation Mike Brandvold of KISSonline used the information to get me fired...BTW Mike, Donald Trump wants to talk to you....It's your turn!

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The private boards exist for the purpose of maintaining important evidence. For most users, the private forums are closed and can not be viewed. *To Mike Brandvold of KISSOnline* Let me make this perfectly clear, I am only seeking legal restitution. **UPDATE** I lost my job because of this bulletin board. For the first time in over 16 years I no longer work for Dominion, Va. Power. Now with a wife and 6 year old child to support. I am devastated, this is the most terrible time in my life. Coupled with loosing my job with the Power company I lost my Grandfather to cancer in April, the same week that the company terminated me. It is almost to much to bear. I was very close to my Grandfather. In fact, he was the reason I chose a career with the power company, a career which I no longer have..Here is what transpired which lead to my job loss. Someone on the private section of this bulletin board copied and pasted part of a post into a email and sent it to Mike Brandvold of KISSOnline. When a post is put into a email it automatically removes the Emotion-icons, the smile faces. Without the smile icon at the end of the post it was viewed out of context by Mike and misinterpreted as something it was NEVER intended to be. I asked ThatAintNoPistol in a joking manner a question about Mike Brandvolds snail mail address, and he answered me fully aware of the joking intent of my question. Then, as stated above, someone who had access to the private KOLhell forum of this board copyed only the part of the post which could be used in a INSIDIOUS way. ***TO The PERSON WHO DID THIS AND TO MIKE*** You can never understand the emotional and financial Hell you have caused for me and my family. Because of your treacherous acts, my family has lost our means of support. We lost our health care coverage that my job provided. You have no idea how devastating your email to Mike Brandvold was.**I hope you can sleep at night knowing what you did affected my 6 year old son's future and is emotionality devastating for my wife.** My wife also lost her job at Hampton University in October and we lost the health care benefits with that employer too. So needless to say, this has been the worst two years of our lives, and for what? For a post that was purposely edited to make it appear as something it was not. The post was then passed along to a FBI agent by Mike Brandvold of KISSOnline to investigate it's intended purpose. The agent contacted my employer while trying to get in contact with me. I was interviewed by the agent and a Dominion company investigator,(Vic Slade), about the post. To this day I do not understand why my employer, (Dominion), felt the need to get involved in this. I had made ALL the bulletin board posts from my HOME computer on MY free time. The FBI agent had contacted the company seeking my telephone number in the shop where I worked. If the company would have just given the agent the number so he could talk to me directly this would have never been so blown out of proportion as it was. I told them both that the statement was intended as a off hand joke and nothing more. I could prove this with the original post. I printed out the original post from home and supplied them each with a copy the next day. This original post had the smile icon at the end of the paragraph proving my intent as a joke. But now my employer and Vick Slade, (companys staff investigator), had already removed my access to gain entry at work saying now HE needed to INVESTIGATE further. Well, after printing out the original post WITH the smile icon denoting it's intention as a joke, the FBI agent, who had brought this to my companies attention in the first place, agreed with me and he stated, ''I FEEL IT WAS NOT INTENDED AS A REAL THREAT'', and was DROPPING it. I informed the company of the findings of the FBI agent in a 10 page appeal letter I sent to the Richmond VA. headquarters of Dominion and to Vic Slade. I was desperately trying to get my access to work reinstated. The company, DOMINION Va. Power, denied my appeal and would not give my access back. My boss had no other choice but to let me go because I needed access to get into the plant and perform my job duties... I am crushed and have terrible feeling of emptiness. This is the lowest point in my life. All because of a bulletin board post. And because of my bitterness over what happened between Mike Brandvold and I in the summer of 2002. I am seaking legal restitution for my financial loss. But, if Mike has any compassion for my wife & child he would contact the company I worked for,(Dominion, Va. Power), and tell them that all I ever threatened him with was a LAWSUIT, and NOTHING more. He's a coward and a lying SOB if he doesn't. The only reason the address information was sought in the first place was to send him legal papers, WHICH HE RECEIVED, I have proof of that!.

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This KISS shit is pretty much it. Also sports cars, motorcycles, guns and the lady's....always a PLAY'er!

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